The interior is by world famous designer J.C. Espinoza and her Twin Caterpillar C-18 1,000 hp can reach speeds up to 40 knots!. The AC and heat make it pleasant for the whole family and there is plenty of power to spare with her Onan 21.5kw generator, AGM maintenance free batteries, and w inverter. You can't find a better built, ESF on the market. Optional hard or soft top can be added cost TBD. You can Cruise down to Baja or fish the local islands and get back before dinner this Mckinna 48 will turn heads where ever you are. Tech geeks will like McKinna Control, which provides owners with control of their yacht?s onboard systems remotely ? from any mobile device anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection. Actually, as simple as the system is, everyone will like it. McKinna Control will monitor systems and alert you if something is wrong, giving you the opportunity to turn something on or off from halfway around the globe. Whether it?s security, power, tanks, pumps or other systems, McKinna Control can keep an eye on things and keep you informed. If you have security cameras hooked up, you can control them remotely and watch what?s going on aboard your boat. Email and text alerts keep you connected to your boat virtually in real time. You won?t be able to drive the boat from afar, but why would you want to ? you?d miss out on all the fun. Price subject to change..